Industrial Weighing Bridge

It is a modular steel weighbridge having pit mount and pit less mounted platform options designed to meet the international standards. It is made with rigid and heavy-duty construction to bear legal loading.

A weighing bridge, also known as a weighbridge, is a large scale used to measure the weight of vehicles, goods, or other heavy objects. Weighing bridges consist of a platform that is supported by load cells, which are electronic devices that measure weight by detecting changes in electrical resistance caused by the weight of an object. Weighing bridges are commonly used in a variety of industries, including transportation, agriculture, and manufacturing, to accurately measure the weight of loads and ensure compliance with weight regulations. The data collected by the weighbridge can be used for a variety of purposes, including billing, inventory control, and load balancing.

Key Feature of Weighing Bridge

Accuracy: Weighing bridges are designed to be highly accurate, with a resolution that can measure weight to within a few grams or pounds.

Capacity: A structure having width of 3 Meters and various in length from 4 meter to 24 meter with its new design structure; it can easily be transported in containers and assembled at any site worldwide. It is equipped with American make load cells and microprocessor-based terminals.

Durability: Weighing bridges are typically built to withstand heavy loads and harsh conditions, with robust construction materials and a sturdy platform.

Electronic Display: Most weighing bridges are equipped with an electronic display that shows the weight measurement in real-time.

Connectivity: Some weighing bridges can be connected to other systems, such as weighbridge management software, to allow for data transfer and analysis.

Portability: Portable weighbridges are available for those who need to weigh objects in different locations or in remote areas.

Versatility: Weighing bridges can be used to weigh a wide range of objects, including vehicles, containers, and large machinery.

Compliance: Weighing bridges are often used to ensure compliance with weight regulations, such as load limits for trucks and other vehicles.

Technical Specifications

Model Nominal capacity (ton) Minimum capacity (kg) Platform size (m) Platform Loadcell number Loadcell model
T40-RG- 0304 40 50 3×4 Steel 4 SC
T40-RG- 0306 3×6
T40-RG- 0308 3×8 6
T40-RG- 0310 3×10
T60-RG- 0304 60 50 3×4 Steel 4 SC
T60-RG- 0306 3×6
T60-RG- 0308 3×8 6
T60-RG- 0310 3×10
T60-RG- 0312 3×12
T60-RG- 0314 3×14 8
T60-RG- 0316 3×16
T60-RG- 0318 3×18
T60-RG- 0320 3×20 10
T60-RG- 0322 3×22
T60-RG- 0324 3×24
T80-RG- 0314 80 50 3×14 Steel 8 SC
T80-RG- 0316 3×16
T80-RG- 0318 3×18
T80-RG- 0320 3×20 10
T80-RG- 0322 3×22
T80-RG- 0324 3×24
T100-RG- 0316 100 50 3×16 Steel 8 SC
T100-RG- 0318 3×18
T100-RG- 0320 3×20 10
T100-RG- 0322 3×22
T100-RG- 0324 3×24

Benefits of Golden Crop Weighing Bridge

Accurate Measurements: A weighbridge provides accurate measurements of weight, which is essential for many applications, such as billing, inventory control, and compliance with weight regulations.

Improved Efficiency: By accurately measuring the weight of objects, weighbridges can help improve the efficiency of operations in various industries, such as transportation and agriculture.

Compliance: Weighing bridges are often used to ensure compliance with weight regulations, such as load limits for trucks and other vehicles.

Safety: Accurately measuring the weight of heavy loads can help ensure the safety of workers and equipment, and prevent accidents.

Cost Savings: By accurately measuring weight, a weighbridge can help businesses save money by reducing overloading, preventing the need for rework, and ensuring that only the correct amount of materials are used.

Improved DecisionMaking: Accurate weight measurements can provide valuable data for decision-making, such as optimizing production processes and determining the most cost-effective shipping methods.

Environmental Benefits: Properly measuring weight can also have environmental benefits, such as reducing waste, conserving resources, and reducing the impact of heavy loads on roads and infrastructure.

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